why does it have to go so fast?

the true words of my dear sister. my life as a mama is moving too quickly; my sweet ollie is almost five months old. he is such a delight, my little man. he is almost 14 pounds and 25 inches long. he loves to smile; anyone who so much as looks at him in the grocery store is rewarded with a big smile. he gives us lots of giggles these days and has been using his voice to tell us lots of coo-ey stories. its so funny to watch him as he looks at other babies & little kids at church; he talks & talks to them.

we recently moved him from the bassinet at our bedside to the crib in his own room. not that he was ever a bad sleeper (he was only waking up once in the night by about 8 weeks), but he has slept from 10 pm - 7 am a couple of times in the last week...here's hoping he keeps it up!

he is generally happy & cheerful. i feel blessed to have such a happy, social baby. he loves sitting up in the stroller and going for walks. he loves his little stuffed monkey and always chews on his blankets. he's been hanging out in the bumbo while i make dinner, and he seems to like it. he hasn't quite figured out the rolling over from back to belly, but he scoots around in a way that keeps his head in the same place and swings his body around; he'll go 360 degrees when i leave the room for a few minutes.

our big news from this last month is that ollie has broken his first two teeth! he's got two little chompers on the bottom. they are awesome but oh, so sharp! ha ha. can you see his two little teeth on the bottom?

we are very happy & doing well. brian is very busy with school and so excited to finish his semester in a couple of weeks. july was a crazy month. ollie & i went on a couple of trips and were busy with lots of adventures. posts & pictures to come, i promise. 


  1. It DOES go way too fast! And what a big boy to have two teefers already. Um, are you sore? Hopefully he's been kind, haha!

  2. He IS growing up! I haven't seen him for awhile. I've been to your ward twice in the past month, only to find you and Ollie gone off partying somewhere. Without your husband. haha.