minus / plus

well, it finally happened. winter has arrived. the usual temperatures that we endure from december until february have happened upon us. i am not loving the minus 40 type temperatures we've been facing, but they're only supposed to stay for a few more days. and here are some things i am loving.

#1. i got on the bus the other day to come home from work. the girl who got on after me took a seat across from me. she then promptly removed her winter jacket, settled into the seat, and pulled an ice cream sandwich out of her purse. what?! it was seriously minus 38 out, and here this crazy girl was eating ice cream. weirdo. i feel like things like this only happen in canada.

#2. now that i talked about ice cream, i want some.

#3. i love my husband. kind soul that he is, he has sacrificed his winter jacket so that his ever-expanding wife has a warm jacket to wear that zips over her belly. baby & i are so, so grateful, bri. (don't worry. work provides him with a jacket to keep him warm.)

#4. i am beginning, with the help of baking classes at the bosch store, to truly realize the full potential of this masterful machine. last weekend i made pizza buns and they were the bomb. delicious.

#5. its official. i am pregnant. yes, we've known this for a long, long time, but i think my mind & body are finally getting the memo. i am so dang achy. my joints are loosening. i feel...heavy. sometimes when i stand up i feel like i'm going to fall forward, i've become so front heavy. and i'm nesting. i've gotten the sudden urge to clean and organize and cook and bake. thats all i want to do. all the time. oh, and sleep.

#6. we got a glider & ottoman on freecycle (thanks to you, jenny!), and now its sitting in our living room. its hard for me to believe that in about 10 weeks, that chair will be occupied by me & our baby. unreal.


  1. I looove gliders. That is so exciting! Will you tell me what names you are thinking of? ;)

  2. Drooling about pizza buns now. Thanks a lot.

  3. Good call on the glider. And the bosch. And the cooking classes. I'm really jealous.

    And good call on the ice cream sandwich weird lady on the bus.