its gonna be a good one

i can already tell that 2012 is going to be good to us. the first week alone was pretty spectacular.

brians parents and little brother came to edmonton for Christmas, so they were here when we came home. brian got to hang out with his brother while i worked and we spent the evenings eating delicious food and playing games. we rang in the new year with games and food and cute kiddos and english trifle. it was wonderful!




we got a memory foam mattress topper for Christmas from brians parents and the first night we put it on the bed, i slept for 11+ hours. my hips are no longer achy when i wake up!

i turned 24. and baby & i entered the third trimester. on the very same day. it was awesome. we celebrated with the best pasta in the city and a dark chocolate raspberry ganache to follow. baby kicked in approval of the deliciousness.

brian got new speakers for the computer. so schnazzy. now we just need to work on re-vamping our apartment to put baby in the second room.

we saw a kid put hot water on his hot dog at ikea, thinking it was the ketchup dispenser. i stared and laughed while brian ran towards the kid, almost stopping him from ruining his perfectly good 75 cent hot dog. even though the little boy was disappointed, we couldn't help but giggle. funny.

brian started his new job, and is really enjoying it. he brought some coal home from work! he's been doing good at getting up early and making the over hour long drive to get to work on time.

i started taking the bus to work again. i was so tired the first day that i fell right asleep. like, really asleep. when i woke up i realized i had missed my stop. it was still dark out and i was extremely disoriented. i'm sure the other people on the bus and the driver got a good laugh at the crazy pregnant lady looking around wildly!

also on my birthday, i made my very last student loan payment. we are very happy about this event!

i relived my childhood by going to see beauty and the beast in the theatre. (it was the first movie i ever saw in the theatre!) it was a delightful morning with good friends. thanks, rachael!

our good friends had their baby girl last friday. we're so excited to go meet her this week! and we're so excited for our baby to come be playmates with baby clara!

2012; you've been fabulous already. keep it comin'.


  1. awesome. love the hot dog story! so funny.

  2. Does Brian get super dirty working in District 12?