just because

dear laundry,
please wash yourself. and dry yourself. oh, and you can fold yourself while you're at it, too.

dear noah & the whale,
thanks for making saturday so rad. and for making music that makes bri & i dance around in our living room and sing really loudly. (we really like their older album, "peaceful the world lays me down.")

dear mama thomson,
thanks for writing this post about brian. adorable baby brian! he is so dang cute! i love that last picture, of big brother and big sister inspecting new baby brother.

dear brians homework,
i don't like you very much. ease up a bit, will ya?

dear sister,
i really appreciate your last blog entry. everyone else, go here for a smile, a giggle, probably a full on guffaw. that kid is a hoot.

dear house,
i really like it when you smell like brownies.


dear leftover brownies,
i hate you.



  1. i'm with you on the homework one. ba-ru-tal.

    also, i was excited to learn about joanne's blog!


  2. Haha I love your blogs, you make me laugh! I also hear ya on the laundry and homework, and brownies. :) Hope you guys are doing well!