for the record

we had a really great week here in our house. really really great. not to say it was all rainbows & butterflies, but it was a good week. it felt good.
(please note: its okay if you don't wanna read this whole thing. this is mostly for us and our record. but if you wanna read it, great! go on ahead.)

-we got to babysit baby nephew haylen. although he is getting to be less and less of a baby every time we see him. he is so cute. and so so fun. we had a delightful time, eating dinner and playing and bath time. when uncle brian got there haylen liked to touch his beardy face and wave at him. but when did he go from this...



to this...


it seriously blows my mind.

-i got sick on monday. i had been feeling something coming on, and it actually felt good to let it finally hit me. i slept lots and relaxed and dranks lots of water.

-we didn't fill up with gas at all this week. yay for tiny cars running on minimal amounts of gas!

-on thursday, i worked the late shift. when i went to pick up brian from school, he suggested we go get burgers. we were at harveys in like, 38 seconds flat from the time of the suggestion. i love spontaneous burger dates.

-when we got home after the burger date, we found a letter from brians school. whaaat? more student fees? something else we don't want? nope. a scholarship! wooh-ee! go brian! we feel so blessed. we've been given so much.

-then we skyped with little brother dale, who just got home from his mission in argentina. growing up, i was right in between brian and dale, one a year older and the other a year younger. both such great friends! it'll be fun to have dale home!

-brian got some midterm marks back. this semester is really trying him, but he's keeping up!

-on friday night, brian got all spiffed up and went to the alberta chamber of resources banquet. he was invited and sponsored by a company called ledcor. he shmoozed but didn't booze and had an incredible time meeting people and discovering things about his future career. he came home looking ridiculously handsome in his suit and telling me delightful stories about speeches and ceo's and fireworks. he is so enthusiastic about his future, and even though he is incredibly busy with school, he loves it. even though sometimes he says he hates it.

-while brian was off interacting with impressive people, i stayed home and got to spend some time with my dear friend rachael.


we've known eachother for a long, long time and its always a delight to be with her. we made fresh salsa and watched armageddon. and yes, we did cry when bruce willis throws ben affleck back into the spaceship elevator thing so that he can go home and marry his daughter. and then he blows up the asteroid and saves the world. yes!

-on saturday, brian & i went out and finally explored the "antiques and collectibles" store thats been hiding itself from us for the last six months. its so close to our house! i tried on awesome hats and we looked through records and flower plates and other treasures. if you know us at all, you'll know we came home with some vhs movies. yes. we have a vhs player. yes. we use it regularly.

-my sister in law called me on saturday to chat. i love her. i really love all the girls my brothers married. couldn't have picked them better myself.

-saturday night party! its rachaels birthday (today), so we partied (last night). we played broken picture telephone (if you don't know what it is...you should probably learn) and stock ticker. fraser schooled us all. it was so fun! we watched community too. (again, if you don't know what that is...you should probably learn.)

-church was so so great today. we had such fun with the kids in singing & sharing time. class was awesome! we learned about the Holy Ghost, but also about constructions sets, crayons, yellow dresses, and the tooth fairy...we love our kids. we're having a talent show in a couple of weeks, and our kids are going to sing "Jesus wants me for a suuunBEAM! to shine for him each day. in every way try to pleeeease HIM! at home, at school, at play! a suuunBEAM! a suuuBEAM!"....well, you get it. its going to be adorable.

-aaaand, then we came home and skyped with my mama and sister and babies and then had the worlds longest nap. after we woke up we had dinner and took shakey face pictures. (i'll post them later. maybe. ha ha.)

we love our life.



  1. Sounds like a perfect week! Hey, where is that antiques and collectibles store. Are the prices decent? Any costumey-type stuff?

  2. So sweet of a post and update! Glad you both are doing lovely!!! Continue having fun in the big E! xoxox