"i do not know this man"

have you seen "true grit" yet?

brian & i & little brother dale cut up our general mills cereal boxes and went and saw it on thursday night. its a remake of a film from 1969 starring john wayne. classic western. full of cowboys and shoot outs and little girls who have such gumption and horses named 'little blackie' and spurs and other such things.

and it was awesome.
it made me want to watch lots & lots of westerns.*

also. matt damon?
your mustache is rad.


* so on saturday night we watched "3:10 to yuma." intense!


  1. whoa. didn't even recognize him. those 'burns are pretty sweet, too...like, fuzzy, even.

    which is also excellent motivation to see the movie!

  2. matt damon is my boyfriend. and if i would have known that he was in true grit before now ... i would have already seen it.

    laura. girls night?

  3. dang it. that was me ... erin. on darren's lap top. obviously.

  4. ha ha ha! you commenting from darrens account never gets old. ever. plus it always seems to be your posts about something that would be awkward if darren said it. ex. "matt damon is my boyfriend." however, i agree. brian also has a total man crush on him. he's hilarious in "true grit", and totally awesome.
    so yes. go see it. it is violent. not terribly, but it IS a western.

  5. I have also seen this movie and LOOOOVED it (*insert sing-song voice). Also, I just glanced at this picture before reading your post and thought "... why is Brian in a cowboy had and tassels??". Really it was just at first glance, I don't really think he looks much like Brian. (Jordan got mad at me and said "He does NOT look like Brian, he looks like Jasen Bourn!!".

  6. dani, best compliment i have ever recieved. haha! Except that yea, i don't really see it either.