"ha-pee birt-day" ollie!

the day of his birthday party, ollie walked around the apartment, pointing at the banner we hung and telling us what it said, "ha-pee birt-day ollie!" he kept insisting that his friends come over; i don't know how many times i had to tell him that it was after lunch, after nap, after dinner that they would be coming. i baked a doubled layered chocolate cake the night before and iced it in the morning, while ollie stood on a chair beside me and dipped his fingers in the chocolate frosting, saying "have some? have some?", which usually comes out sounding like, "awesome, awesome." he spent a few hours running errands with daddy and then came home and fought nap time. once he finally fell asleep, brian and i had fun finishing party prep, including decorating and destroying his construction cake. it was definitely the funnest cake i've ever made and ollie liked seeing his tractors in action. happy happy birthday, sweet boy!


  1. Happy Birthday to that adorable little boy!! But seriously, how did the time go by so fast?

  2. that cake is amazing. so is ollie. we love you, ollie!!