and he's TWO!

didn't we just celebrate ollies first birthday? my little baby is so grown up!

grandma gave him a haircut when she came to visit...
and now he looks even more grown up!
ollie is becoming quite a social boy. he loves his "fwends" and wants to see them daily. he is talking up a storm and comes up with a new word every day. he is silly & goofy, just like his daddy, but still has a cautious nature. when i ask him for a kiss, he gives me one and then says, "hug too!" and gives me a squeeze. it's my favourite. we talk about the baby lots and he likes to say "hi!" to my belly. i'm fairly certain he thinks he can tickle and feed the baby through my belly button...ha! he loves to play with trucks, tractors, cars...anything with wheels! he also loves animals, knows the names of most of them, and building trucks and houses with his duplo set. he loves to read stories and sometimes we spend a long time just relaxing and reading on the couch or laying in bed. it is amazing to watch his imagination grow as he plays and reads. he loves to wear his cowboy boots and his dump truck sweater. he is growing fast and becoming more and more independent every day.

his favourite puzzle.

on his birthday, we had a big breakfast of oatmeal pancakes, bacon and watermelon. it was a feast! then he opened his presents before i had to head out to our stake womens conference. he spent the morning playing tractors and animals with daddy and took a long nap. it was a simple, lovely day.

ollie; keep being curious, imaginative, kind, loving and funny. we hope you continue to love to read and build. thanks for being such a big help to mama. we are excited to watch you grow and become a big brother soon! we love you, sweet boy.

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