finken family reunion: day one

i've been going through my family reunion photos and in order to avoid a complete photo overload, i'm going to split the posts by days. the first "day" of the reunion was really just thursday night, when everyone gathered at oma's to meet & greet & get our reunion tees. we got to see a ton of brians family that we haven't seen since we got married. it was so fun to see everyone, milling on the lawn and inside. family reunions are the best!


ollie & lilia were born about 6 weeks apart. this was the first time they've met!

tommy chatting with his mama. so cute!
ollie & whitney playing a duet. 
more to come!

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  1. I hadn't checked your blog in a long time and tonight I did and found all these fun pictures. It's so fun to look back and remember the summer that went by way too fast.