the ollie show

 our ollie is over 15 months old! he is growing so fast! he's still the long, skinny guy he has always been. he is over the 50th percentile for height, under it for weight and his head is in the 90th. this kid has a massive melon. lots of brains, that's what i say! inside his big head he has tons of teeth. i swear he has a new molar everytime i catch a glimpse. i think the grand total is 12 teeth? they make him look so grown up.

i often find him in the living room, pulling his books off the shelf and reading them out loud. he jabbers all the time. he finds phones, remote controls, anything with buttons, really, and "talks" to his grandmas. he had a long chat with his cousin joviah on the phone today. he says "mama" and something that sounds a lot like "hi dada!" everytime brian comes into the room. today he was playing with his friend jets toy bus at church and he kept on saying "ba! ba!" so we're pretty sure that means bus. cute! he says "what's that?" all the time and i think he's trying to say "truck" when he sees one drive past. i can tell he understands much of what i say, pointing at the bananas when i ask him if he wants one and calming down his fussies when i say, "do you want a drink of water?" baby boy isn't really a baby anymore and i feel like one day soon he is going to be walking and talking like a real boy.

as far as walking goes, we're not quite there yet, though he has started standing unassisted this week. it is so cute to see his little body stand on it's own. he holds his hands in the air and smiles at us. sometimes he claps when he's standing! he knows we're so proud of him. i cried the first time he stood on his own. ha! i'm crazy, i know. he has the most observant little personality; i feel like he is perfecting walking in his mind first, and one day he is just going to stand up and walk across a room perfectly.

 ollie loves food. his favourite foods are overnight oats for breakfast, yogurt & granola, apples, beef & broccoli, sweet potatoes and watermelon. he ate five slices of watermelon after dinner tonight! this tiny kid has a huge appetite; it blows my mind how much he eats sometimes!

most of the time, ollie is a happy, content boy. however, the picture below proves that he has a bit of a temper, too! ha. i just uploaded pictures from my camera and has almost forgotten about that gem. hilarious! (he really wanted the camera.) he is learning better to play on his own, but he still wants me to hold him while i am cooking because he is completely fascinated by the whole process.

crazy ollie!

ollie has radar eyes & ears. he can spot animals from blocks away and watches them until they are out of sight. he barks everytime he sees a dog and gets really excited when he sees birds. we have magpies that always hang out outside our apartment and ollie stands on the kitchen table and watches them closely until they fly away. yesterday while brian was mowing the lawn he found a baby bird that had fallen out of it's nest. ollie was fascinated by the tiny bird, but got a little too excited. in the second picture that little hand is about it smack the bird and knock out some feathers. yikes! shortly after we set the birdie free. ollie loved his little friend though. this boy is an animal lover!

 he is really looking so grown up lately. i think he looks like he's five years old in the pictures below! he is such a handsome boy.

tons of teeth!
how we do whipping cream in our house...ha! our baby is growing fast. he learns new things all the time and is always making us laugh. he is such a goof! keep growing healthy and strong and smart, sweet boy. we love you!

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  1. He is such a precious little cutie pie. I'm excited for your visit.