thai pork (foodie fridays)

thai pork is a family recipe. i have no idea where my mom got the recipe, but she's passed it on and it is delicious. it tastes like take-out, minus all the m.s.g. and questionable meat sources. ha! i used to dip each and every piece of pork in the egg and then in the cornstarch and it took foooorever. i've recently adapted it with a "shake & bake" approach; mix up the eggs in a bowl, toss the pork in a stir to coat, put it in a bag and throw some cornstarch in. close up the bag (make sure there's some air in there) and shake! it should we well coated but not overloaded. i also find i usually use more than 3 T of corn starch, but just eyeball it.

thai pork

1 or 2 pork tenderloins
2 eggs beaten
3 T corn starch
1 carrot, thin shreds
1 green pepper, thin shreds
½ cup slivered celery
2 T sugar
2 T vinegar
1 boullion cube
1 cup hot water
4 T oil 

cut tenderloin into half inch pieces. roll in beaten eggs and then corn starch. (see above modification.) wax paper to dry. place veggies, sugar, vinegar, boullion cube and water; set aside for 20 minutes.
heat oil in large frying pan and fry all meat. brown quickly over high heat. add veggie mix and stir over medium for 2-3 minutes. serve over a bowl of rice. the leftovers are so yummy, too!


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