mother dear

my one mothers day request was that we take a walk together after dinner; me & my dear husband & my sweet boy. immediately after we ate dinner, ollie started to fuss. he was very unhappy so we bounced & soothed him. i fed him & cuddled him & changed his diaper. still, he cried. i tried to put him into his stroller, and he cried even harder. i tried to put him into the baby carrier, and he stretched his legs and whined, refusing to sink down into the sling and snuggle up to me. brian asked if i really wanted to go on a walk, even with ollie like his. i said, "yes, just a short one will be fine." i wrapped ollie up in a blanket and held him and we went outside. it was a beautiful evening and ollie calmed down quickly. as we walked down the street we were stopped by a man and his wife enjoying the lovely weather on their front deck. we met on their walkway so that they could look at our sweet boy. they ooh'd and aah'd over him, telling me how adorable he was and mentioning that they had two kids of their own. then the man looked at me and said, "did you ever think you could love anything so much?" i looked at ollie, held him a little tighter and said, with tears in my eyes, "no. no, i didn't. it's incredible."

i looked forward to motherhood almost all of my life, but nothing prepared me for the overwhelming love i feel for my oliver douglas.

happy mothers day to my own mother, whom i love with all of my heart. she is the best mama and a wonderful grandma to ollie. happy mothers day to my mother in law, who raised the man i love and loves our little boy so much. happy mothers day to all of the mothers in my life, my sisters, friends and other loved ones, all of whom have helped me prepare to be a mother.


  1. Happy Mothers day to a wonderful young mother. I'm so glad my sweet little grandson has you for a mommy.

  2. i could have sworn i already commented on this. maybe i missed the 'publish' button through my tears.