and it goes

it's very cliche, but i absolutely cannot believe how quickly time is passing. oliver is almost three months old! he is a delightful baby. he is happy and quite content. he does have a very fussy time in the evening, but he rewards me with long stretches of sleep in the night (he's done eight hours, but only once) and lots of cute smiles and coos in the morning. he is a sweet boy. he is learning lots. this past week he found his hands; now he is often found staring at them or trying to fit one in his mouth. he is very curious and wide eyed. he loves anything that is brightly coloured. since he was about seven or eight weeks, he has been smiling at the bright shampoo on the edge of the tub when he has his baths. it is so funny! last week, i started reading books with him more often. i read him "the very hungry caterpillar" and he absolutely loved it; each turn of the pages brought bigger smiles and more talking. it is so fun to see him growing and changing each and every day. we love our little boy!

here's a bunch of pictures from the past few weeks. i got a new phone and although the photo quality isn't as good as my camera, it sure is nice to have something to take pictures with when i am out & about or when he's doing something cute and i need to get a picture quick!

(p.s. if you follow me on instagram, you've already seen these. if not, you can find me @lrthomson.)

 ollie at about 7 weeks, very excited about heading to church.

the greatest onsie that my sister made for him. i love it! thanks erin!

giving me the raised eyebrow. so cute!

nap time on daddys side of the bed. 

i have made a lot of meals like this. 

ollie & his friend clara. they are two months apart. 
its so fun to have friends with babies, too!

 the beginnings of some excellent rolls on his previously chicken skinny legs.
they are getting bigger every day! so awesome!

his adorable grin. i love that scrunchy little nose.

this is probably one of my favourite pictures of him so far.
i love his increasing chub. and oh, look at those baby blues! beautiful eyes.

wearing the toque that brian wore when he was a baby! love it.

he's still adorable when he cries...

we tried out the bumbo. he wasn't too sure what to think of it.

checking out his new second cousin braxton. braxton is an itty bitty baby, just like ollie was. looking at them side by side it was so hard to remember ollie that small...crazy. he's grown so much! we put braxton right on ollie's lap in his carseat and ollie just stared at him. it was hilarious.

i love being this little guys mama. its the best job i've ever had!


  1. I can't get enough pictures of that sweet growing boy. I love the one of Oliver holding Braxton. He looks delighted with his prize.

  2. Ahh! I love that he loves the book I gave him! :) We need to have a play day soon with our little boys.