an ode to the first of december!

i can't believe its already the first of december. i think its true that time starts to go faster the older you get.

we are so looking forward to Christmas, and the relief it will bring brian to be done with school and exams. he has a work term starting in january, so he gets a break from the books for 4 whole months! we're pretty pleased with the way things have worked out; since he'll be working and not in school next semester, our baby coming at the end of march won't mean a 3 week old during finals. and for that, brian is grateful. Heavenly Father sure has things figured out.

i got my Christmas present a little early this year! a couple weeks ago, i was laying in bed, reading and drifting off to sleep. brian came in and insisted i come out and see something. "i have something to show you!" i mumbled something about showing me in the morning; i was too tired to get up. (seriously. i was.) he begged and begged and finally convinced me. when i came out of the bedroom, walked down the hall and into the kitchen, i spotted a brand new bosch universal plus sitting on the kitchen counter, complete with the food processor attachment. i screamed. loudly. like a little girl getting the doll of her dreams. because, really, the bosch is the doll of my dreams. just today i made a gigantic batch of shortbread cookies and a couple of loaves of bread. i love my bosch. and i love my husband. what an awesome Christmas present!

i had a dentist appointment this morning, where the hygienist scrubbed my teeth & gums until they were sore. but now they feel nice & clean. you win some, you lose some, right? on the plus side, it was fun to feel baby move so much, mostly due to the sound of the dental tools. our baby is not deaf, and it definitely hates the dentist already. (sorry dale!)

Christmas is coming! we're so excited to spend time with our family. we get to see almost everyone this Christmas and we're pretty happy about that. wishing everyone the best during the best month of the year. merry december!


  1. Sounds like a great gift for someone who loves baking like you do! What a great husband!

  2. What - I can't believe he caved and gave it to you early! I think he must have been as excited to give that Bosch to you as you were to receive it. I can hardly wait to try all the yummy things I know you will be mixing up.

  3. You know what they say... Give a women a fish and she eats for a day. Give her a bosch and you'll eat for a lifetime.
    Brian was hungry so it was time for the gift