its so close to Christmas! i can hardly believe its less than two weeks away. i've said it before and i know i'll say it again; days are passing by far too quickly. i can't wait to take a few days at Christmas to relax and enjoy some time with our family.

here's a little update on what we've been up to the past few weeks;

i've been falling in love with my bosch. its the best!

that looks nasty, i know, but it was some really delicious muffins. i promise.

we went on a sleigh ride! and it was delightful.

brian built a robot car at school! his group did a great job and it was a great little car. plus! he gets to keep it forever. i have a feeling our little ones will play with it someday.

and i've been baking up a storm, including shortbread and snickerdoodles. i also dipped about a bajillion pretzels in chocolate, and am now trying to hide them from brian so we have some left for Christmas.

also, brian was "the special visitor" at our ward Christmas party...pictures soon!


  1. Firstly you need to fall in love with the BOSCH wasn't it love at first sight?
    Secondly you should tell me how to dip the whole pretzel, or do you just get really messy and do it.
    Thirdly I love shortbread cookies but have never tried because I don't know how to shape them without the shortbread cookie gun thingy.

  2. dear nikki,
    of course it was love at first sight! but even that can be improved upon. i'm even more in love.
    second; yup. i get real messy. its delicious.
    and third; i just roll them softly into balls and then mark them with a fork on the top, similar to the classic peanut butter cookie, but smaller.