my post of awesome

its awesome when i change the channel just in time to hear patrick swayze say his famous line, "nobody puts baby in a corner" and then do the final dance with her. ah. magic.

its awesome when i get to hear babys heartbeat. and feel baby doing flips and twists in my tummy. i love that sound and i love that feeling!

its awesome that we fiiiinally went out to the restaurant that someone told me to go to before i even moved here. barb & ernies; german buffet on tuesday nights! we ate our fill of bratwurst, spatzle, wienerschnitzel, the best chocolate mousse i have ever tasted...it was all delicious!

its awesome when i get to sleep in. yup.

its awesome when i watch our collection of things for baby begin to grow. shoes, sleepers, toques and a bib. we've decided not to find out what we're having, so i won't get too much more in the way of clothes. what i'd really like to start collecting is books for our little ones library.

its awesome that brian writes his last midterm today. yahoo!

its awesome that we got to see baby when i was only 8 weeks along, and we are so excited to get another look in a couple of weeks! baby will now look more like a human, instead of the adorable kidney bean we first fell in love with.




  1. I'm so completely thrilled for you and your hubby! How fun that you are keeping the gender a secret! Hearing a babies heart beat never gets old. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! We are so excited for you!

  3. Lauren you are so positive! I loved reading that post! Life really is awesome! And so is your little kidney bean baby:) Can't wait to see more pics of them!