the follow up

it wouldn't be a proper baby announcement without a follow up post, now would it?

thanks for all the love & support. we're so excited to welcome this little one into our family! we're also so excited for the baby to meet all the other people who love him or her already! grandparents, aunts & uncles, numerous cousins and so many other friends and family that will love and cherish our baby. we're happy to have some friends in the city with babies due within weeks of us, and its been really special to share with my sister, who is also pregnant, just 6 weeks ahead of me. two other sisters have had or are having babies this fall, and brians brother wife is due with their 3rd two weeks after us! we definitely won't be lacking in cousins and playmates for our baby!

i'm due at the end of march, but we'll be glad to have baby whenever he or she decides to make an entrance. baby will come when baby is ready. i'm almost 16 weeks now and have been feeling pretty great. i feel blessed. i really don't have anything to complain about. brian says that since i'm such a pro at being pregnant, we'll have lots of babies. this past week has been awesome; baby is on a growth spurt and my tummy pokes out farther and farther every day. i even had a woman in my ward who didn't know me come and ask if i was expecting! i was really excited! growing a baby belly makes everything seem more real, and we can't wait until we feel baby kicking.

we are happy.

in other news, being pregnant has officially made me into a worse cook/baker ever. i used to take pride in my meals, confident that i could prepare a delicious meal, a batch of cookies, with ease. well, that lauren is no more. in the past few weeks i have burnt something almost every day. the ridiculousness climaxed tonight as i dumped two pans of spoiled cupcakes into the garbage. (one was burnt. the other one i over-loaded with batter and the top ended up looking like a pan of brownies.) there's a pan in the oven right now. cross your fingers, friends. brian and i laugh it off, really hoping it wears off soon and we can get back to non-charred food and sweets.

we're headed to brians home for the weekend, to spend time with family and celebrate the marriage of little brother dale! we're excited to have another new member of the family; welcome, cassie! and we can't wait to party this weekend.

until next time!


  1. I can't wait to see your baby bump this weekend!

  2. You must have been subconsciously on my mind because I had a dream last night that I was also 16 weeks pregnant. haha. Not a comforting thought for someone my age!

  3. Kayla has a big hug for you from me!! Make sure you get it :)

  4. I hope smells don't bother you too much! That is the biggest thing with me...not much sounds or smells appealing when I am pregnant. :)

  5. Hmm, not having anything to complain about vs. retaining baking skills...I don't know, it would be a toss up for me.
    So exciting, though! I'm sure you are looking super adorable with your baby bump.

  6. Haha...just keep chugging along in the baking/cooking department. It's just like learning to water-ski or ride a bike?...right? Love your posts, as usual.