ah. we're moved into our new place. we're still in the midst of a few cardboard boxes, but the kitchen and bathroom are workable, it feels good to be here.

i spent last weekend sewing up tears on our couch and making pans of scalloped potatoes and planting a herb garden to sit on my window sill. i feel like a little domestic goddess while brian fixes everything that needs fixing. he's been repairing lights and putting windows back onto runners and moving furniture around. he asks me, "do you like this here? what about there?" our little apartment is slowly starting to feel like home, and less like a storage area.

the thing we love most is the windows. the added counter & cupboard space in the kitchen is wonderful and the location is amazing, but absolutely nothing tops the windows. we had been living in a basement suite for the first nine and a half months of our marriage and the windows were teeny tiny. i'm not sure they even constituted real windows. when we got home from church last week, we raced to open every single blind and window. oh, the light! the air! its glorious. i absolutely love it.

we love our new little place. a lot.

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  1. I like that you are in our ward and I get to see you.