three quarters of a year

at nine months, ollie is absolutely delightful. each day when i wake up, i can hardly imagine myself loving him any more than i already do. but each day when i go to sleep, i realize that i've come to love him more, or in a different way, or by different means that day and it makes me feel happy that my heart is so full. he is our favourite little guy. he is such a little goof; he laughs & smiles often. except for when i am getting him dressed, then he screams at me. he would prefer to roam around the apartment stark naked all day long. he has totally mastered the army crawl. he scoots & pulls his way around the apartment, all the while doing his fake cough, just to make sure i know he's still there. recently his favourite game has become opening the cupboard doors and pulling the pot lids out. he also enjoys pulling all his books on the shelves and various other activities of a destructive nature. we are into the "into everything" stage! we love you ollie!

his best friend is the baby on the wipes box.
first dentist appointment. he hated it.
nothing cuter than a baby in osh kosh.


  1. I love that last picture! Such a silly boy.

  2. oh, Ollie. we think you are the sweetest nine month old boy in the whole wide world.


  3. You are soOOOOOooooOOOOOOooooOOOOoo cute OLLIE! Happy Nine Months :D

  4. I can hardly wait to wet my hands on him - only 10 more days!!! I love the picture of Ollie visiting with his buddy on the wipes box. We didn't have wipes when Brian was a baby but he loved the baby on the baby food jars.

  5. Love all of the pictures of adorable Ollie boy! 9 months-18 months is my one of my favourite times... enjoy everyday