seven months

my little one is seven months old already and i keep trying to wrap my head around it. despite the fact that these past seven months has gone by faster than any other time in my life, it's also hard to recall what my life was like before my ollie came along. more showers & late night movies but less baby giggles & walks with my boys, and i'll take a laughing baby over a shower most days.

at seven months, ollie is changing quickly. though he isn't quite crawling yet, he does a really good job of rolling with purpose and spinning in circles while on his tummy. with the amount of bum lifting and knee bending he's been doing i suspect he will be on the move in no time. he enjoys playing on his tummy. he pounds out songs on his tiny piano, looks at books and chews on anything he can manage to get into his mouth. when he is playing on the living room floor and i walk into the room, he looks up at me and GRINS. it's my favourite thing.

oliver is very much into food. he gets really excited whenever we sit him in his high chair and bounces so much it is hard to get the food into his mouth. his newest love is corn. we just give him a full cob of corn to eat. he clutches it tightly and bites & sucks all the juice out.

"please don't take my corn."

this tiny guy seems to be growing longer & longer, but never much chubbier. he is in the 80th percentile for height but the 10th for weight. however small he may be, ollie is chock full of personality. he & his daddy sit together and just laugh. at what, i have no idea, but its adorable. he flirts with every single girl he sees and lately he's been scrunching up his nose and snorting while smiling. i don't know where he learned it but he knows i think it's cute so he keeps doing it. ollie is a delight to have in our home, and through good days & bad we are so thankful he's ours.


  1. His face in the last photo is killing me!

  2. Oh my he's adorable. I love his sparkly eyes and his toothy grin. Can't wait to get my hands on him for a snuggle.