the switch

i think my favourite time of year is the few weeks at the end of summer & beginning of fall. the lazy days are warm but not too hot and the evenings are cool & crisp. it's time for walks and trips to the park and fires in the river valley with friends. it's time to break out the apple cider and crockpot dinners. if i had one wish it would be that autumn would last forever.

ollie & our dear friend rachael.
the most amazing s'more known to man.  one word: nutella.
the hurdle girdle: lots of fun & possible injuries for all!
ollies romantic advances were rejected by clara. 
he's broken hearted, but she doesn't seem to care. ha ha.
little balancer & grinner baby.
he loves the swing!

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  1. every time i see a picture of someone holding ollie i get a teensy bit jealous. come visit!!!