nineteen days

today is olivers due date. the twenty-seventh of march is the day i had in my mind for the arrival of my little one. honestly, i didn't even think baby would come until the first week of april. but baby ollie decided he would throw himself a surprise birthday party on march the eighth.

in a couple of days, i went from being very pregnant and expecting to be very pregnant for at least 3 more weeks, to instantly falling in love with the tiny boy the nurses placed on my chest.

cuddles; a couple days ago.

although the timing of his arrival was very unexpected, he came at the right time. i look at him now, watching him grow each day, and i'm so thankful that we've already had nineteen days with our boy, and that we get to keep him forever. as soon as brian & i laid eyes on him, there wasn't a doubt in our minds that he belonged to us. we love you, baby ollie.

for auntie erin, so she can see how gosh darn cute he looks in the sleeper she bought him.

can you believe he's ours? the thought makes me smile everyday!
here's hoping he continues to pleasantly surprise us for the rest of forever.


  1. he is so sweet. and he looks adorable in that sleeper ... love it!

    love you ollie!

  2. He is growing! I miss him already and can't wait for Easter so I can hold him again. Give him some kisses for me.