my valentines

we had a lovely little valentines day. i worked late, and brian came to pick me up with flowers in his hand. sweet man. we came home and made dinner; breakfast for dinner. is there anything better than pancakes & sausages at 8:30 pm?

i made him a heart shaped pancake.

and he made me a fruit salad.

i felt profoundly blessed last night as i flipped pancakes and snuck fruit out of the bowl before dinner started. brian and i are happy to have eachother, and baby kicked energetically within me. i love my family so much.

happy love day to the boy who took me on my first date, eight years ago on valentines day, and to the man who spent the night online shopping for a stroller and diaper bag with me. i love you, best friend-husband.


  1. I love my LUG, and they actually just came out with a new diaper bag. It is getting so close!

  2. Awww. That is so sweet. You guys are a great couple.