it's a...baby!

"you've got a little squirmer in there."

"c'mon little monkey; i can't catch you!"

"did you eat chocolate before you came?"

these are just a few of the things that our tech said to me on wednesday at our ultrasound. apparently we've got quite the active little one! my appointment ended up being about half an hour longer than planned because baby was moving around so much the tech had a hard time getting all the pictures and measurements she needed. what a monkey baby!

we loved seeing our little baby, and laughing at the funny antics. at one point, baby was curled up with its legs sticking straight up. it was amazing to see the baby move on the screen and feel it move in my belly at the same time.


isn't baby cute in black & white? we think so!


  1. baby is totally cute in black and white!! can't wait to see how stinkin cute it will be in person too!!
    love ya

  2. Ultrasounds are the best! I'm so so excited for you guys. You can tell already that its a cute baby! But how could it not be. (Sorry, I hate referring to babies as "it" but writing he/she every time is too tedious!

  3. Love it, love it. Is that a thumbsucker? We are excited....!

  4. How exciting!! So happy for you guys!

  5. Yay for monkey babies! That sounds like my ultrasound with Ezra. He kept moving the whole time they were trying to get measurements and then wouldn't move when they needed him to so they could get a measurement of his head. They made me walk up and down the hallway for awhile to get him to move. Oh crazy babies!

  6. So, so exciting! Congrats again.