life lately has been a jumble of things. brian is back at school and we've been getting back into the swing of things after our delightful holiday. (pictures & update to come. soon. i hope.)

the first week of september was crazy. we got a few days of plus 30 weather! i enjoyed it by eating my lunch on the picnic tables in our parking lot at work and brian sweat his little butt off riding his bike to and from school. it was so hot! a final ode to summer.

on that last saturday of pretty summer weather, we rode our bikes to the farmers market. we walked around and ate samples and people watched. then we stood in line for kettle corn. its probably the only line we'll wait patiently in. mmm. sweet & salty goodness.

fall weather kicked in the next day. it clouded over and rained. we started closing our windows at night instead of letting the night air into the apartment. brian wore a toque on his bikes rides and i've been cranking up the heat in the car in the morning.

sometimes i wake up early on the day i work late and go to an aquacize class with my friend jessica. yup. aquacize. don't knock it. i used to. until i went and realized how awesome it is. not only do we get to jump around in the water with a bunch of 70 year old ladies, we get to do it to techno versions of songs from the 60's. yes. (but seriously though. i am actually really enjoying it. but it is hilarious.)

we had a ward chili cook off last night. it was awesome! in the past, i've been a make-it-up-as-you-go kind of chili girl. but yesterday i decided to follow this recipe. oh. so delicious. it was the perfect sweetness with a little kick. i loved it.

after church today, i made cookies. (is there anyone out there that can make cookies without eating the cookie dough? if so, i admire your strength.) then me and brian ate cookies and drank milk. we wrapped ourselves up in a blanket and watched "the pagemaster." then brian fell asleep on the living room floor. he's still there. cute.

september is almost over and we can hardly believe it.

p.s. have you ever seen a clove of garlic this big? we love garlic so much, i'd say this beauty is about worth its weight in gold in this house. thank you to my big brother and his family for providing us with a bunch of monster-sized garlic. its oh so good.



  1. Why would you NOT want to eat the cookie dough? In my humble opinion, it's better in dough form. :) P.S. Where are you and Jess aquacizing? I'd love to join some time.

  2. I think I may just try that chili recipe! I've been on the hunt for a good one and I trust your kitchen recipes :)

  3. Wow, I'm super impressed by that clove!

  4. Love the post. Giant cloves of garlic, wonderful recipes, snuggly cookie eating afternoons, aquasize... your words paint Norman Rockwell pictures.... beautiful!

  5. i think i need to come visit. and bring your table.

    anda i want your chili recipe. please & thank you.

    talk soon!